Beach Boy Ranch - Molokai, Hawaii

Come Visit

Kealoha asked me to help him get his web presence present. As a member of what we like to call the Beach Boy Ranch Ohana, I was happy to help.

Kealoha is looking for a few kine people that want to come visit and do some work. Are you skilled at a trade you think could help?  Kealoha has some projects ongoing that you might enjoy including...completing the construction of a Cobb or Adobe house, lawncare improvements, completion of outdoor bathrooms, etc.   

Don't have a skill, well neither do most people who show up on da farm, but that doesn't stop em, and it shouldn't stop you. What you must have is a willingness to help, a desire to do something different and the mentality to survive in the ever so laid back Molokai.

Contact me by using our Get in Touch page and we will be in touch.

In case you were wondering?

1. Nope.  No compensation and no help with your expenses to get here. Beach Boy Ranch Ohana eat as a family and can help with island transportation. The payment for you will be the experience. (I spent many years with Kealoha and am a changed man for it.)

2. Yes. We have tools. Some of them may be rusty, but they get the job done.

3. You will have a place to stay.  It may be a roof, it may be a palm tree and a chaise lounge, but you will be comfortable.

4. This place is unlike anything most of you have experienced. Most of you are not ready for it. If you think you need more than one suitcase, you might reconsider. We will be happy to talk with you in depth about the opportunity.
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